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1.  The most important question or comment we get is

I signed up for your service but I can’t log-in”

PLEASE read all pages when registering and checking out through PayPal.  Immediately after payment and thank you, you will be redirected back to the Premium section of the website and you will be directed with a special code/key that is unique to you.

This is the registration page where you’ll need to create your account depending on which service to which you are subscribing.

IF YOU CLOSE YOUR BROWSER, OR PLAN ON RETURNING TO THIS PAGE LATER, you cannot access this page if you are not redirected directly from PayPal.

Therefore, make sure you register with your private key at http://premium.afraidtotrade.com to access your membership level immeiately.

If an error occurs, please contact us immediately at contact @ afraidtotrade . com.

2. When are Reports Published/Available?

I try to publish all daily “Idealized Trades” reports by 6:30pm EST each evening, which gives you time to review the summary and apply it to your own evening analysis.

I release the weekly “Intermarket Technical Reports” by midnight EST Sunday evening for review Monday morning and for reference for the remainder of the week.  On occasion, a mid-week Wednesday Update is published during the evening.

Please sign-in to your account to access these reports under the Welcome Page with all posts archived.

You may also view reports (which are archived in a single post by month) in the “Recent Posts” box or the Calendar – both on the right side of the website.

3.  Are Refunds Given?

Unfortunately, no.  The moment you sign-in to your account as a new (or returning) member, you are granted access to every single archived day or week’s analysis.  Reports currently are archived from March 2009, and we must prevent the possibility of signing in, downloading all PDF reports, canceling/receiving a refund, and receiving all reports on the website for free.

The compromise in providing all reports in an archive is this policy and we apologize sincerely for any inconvenience it causes.

The benefit of the archive is that you can track our analysis accuracy rate, scan all intraday reports to see particular patterns (or Trend/Range Day Structures), and store/access all reports in a single location.

4.  Are Reports Emailed to Me?

Unfortunately, no.  Each daily Intraday Summary is around 1 Megabyte in a 10 page PDF report.  Each Weekly Report is often 2 to 4 Megabytes in 20 to 25 page PDF reports, and many email programs automatically block PDF files as spam for a precaution.

Reports are published on a prediction schedule mentioned above for you to access at your convenience.

5.  I Do Not Want to Use PayPal – How Do I Register?

Although I prefer members register via PayPal, as it adds a layer of security and protection for us both, you are not required to do so.

Contact Corey or staff directly at the contact information below – email or call to join without going through PayPal.

You may also sign-up using your Credit Card if not a PayPal member – just click the “Not a PayPal Member” button on the registration page.

DO NOT SEND A CHECK OR MONEY ORDER for your precaution.

6.  Who Do I Contact if there is a Problem?

If you have a specific question for Corey about a day’s report or questions about the analysis, you can contact Corey Rosenbloom directly at

corey @ afraid to trade . com (no spaces)

Corey does not give private market calls and asks that you please keep questions brief for a quick response.

If you have trouble logging in, accessing your account, or any general questions, please contact us at

contact @ afraid to trade . com (no spaces)

or call us during business hours at 256-270-7756.

Please report any site outages or accessibility issues immediately to us.

Please reference the general Blog Frequently Asked Questions for common responses to analysis or technical analysis questions.

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