Idealized Trades

Jun 28, 2009: 7:22 PM CST

The “Idealized Trades” Daily Commentary/Education Reports are a unique daily report that not only summarizes the intraday action in the intraday US Stock Market (most frequently using the SPY) but also describes possible insights and levels to watch based on price structure for the next trading day.

Based on the principle of “Repetition Breeds Learning,” I walk you through the day’s structure and how it developed (including how to recognize whether we are likely to have a “Trend Day” or a “Range Day” or even a “Rounded Reversal”) and then describe the specific trading strategies that are most appropriate to use as the day develops.

More importantly, I highlight the “Ideal Trades” or highest probability, lowest risk trade set-ups for near-perfect examples of how to develop your understanding and trading skills through seeing repeated, specific examples such as flags, breakout moves, TICK and Momentum Divergences, Fibonacci retracements, Candle Patterns, Elliott Wave overlay trades, “Three Push” Patterns, and many more.

The principle is that “The more times you see these trades and structures develop in the calm of your evening analysis, the better you’ll be in real-time to Recognize These Opportunities and Put the Trades on and manage risk accordingly in the heat of battle

In other words, I describe each ‘ideal’ trade-set up explain to you when to enter, where to place your stop, whether and how to trail a stop, whether to play for a large or small target, and how to manage your trade.

I also show repeated examples of the concepts I teach in my Educational Lessons, Daily “Intraday” Blog (in more detail to Subscribers), and Private Mentorship Program.

Many times, I will share “Teaching Moments” as an example presents itself so that, as you follow-along as a subscriber, you will eventually learn many of these concepts by seeing them play out on a daily basis as I describe them.

Also, as a subscriber – even for one month at a time – you get access to ALL Prior Reports that are published (which date back to April, 2009), which gives you an archived database of all these concepts so that you can see dozens of examples of a particular trade or Type of Day function – simply use the search function as a member to open this world up to you!

Go ahead and check out a few samples of prior reports to know what we offer:

Download June 11th, 2009 Report
Small Gap Unfilled, Type II Trend Day Up became Type I Day, Elliott Wave Example, Elliott Wave and Momentum Divergence into High, Volume Divergence, Flags, Breadth, Discussion on Internals

Download June 15th, 2009 Report
Large Unfilled Gap Down, Looked Like Trend Day Down, Turned into Rounded Reversal, Lesson on Market Internals such as Breadth, TICK, and Momentum Divergences

Download October 21, 2009 Report
Overnight Bear Flag example, Failed Intraday Flag, Reversal Mid-Day, Discussion on lengthy negative divergences

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