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The quickest pathway to trading success comes through one-on-one, personalized, interactive mentorship.

Let us help you create a laser-focus on what you need to know to achieve your unique goals.  We begin with an assessment of your goals and background, and then creates a structured plan geared towards building upon your current knowledge and trading experience, while addressing deficiencies and weaknesses, be it with trading strategies, concepts, or the mental ‘game’ of trading.

Depending on your prior experience, you will be guided from the foundations of classic technical analysis all the way to developing a comprehensive trading strategy while constantly attending to developing your edge in the marketplace, as well as determining which stocks, markets, and timeframes are appropriate for your individual needs, account size, and risk-tolerance.

We will also provide the instructional material in the form of lessons, which will be reinforced by the ability to email examples, ask questions, and receive feedback as your education progresses.  Clients often participate in weekend or weekly phone calls as well as weekly email communication.

Have you hit the wall in your trading?  Frustrated over your consistency in your trading performance?

We can also work with you within your existing strategies with the goals being increasing your edge, trade efficiency analysis, overall strategy development, and analysis from individual trade selection (scanning and filtering), entry (execution tactics), management, and trade exit.  Sometimes it helps simply to be accountable to another professional; knowing that he will analyze your trades for the day or week and provide feedback can help prevent you from taking sub-optimal trades.

Often it is simply beneficial to discuss your trading experiences for the week with the goal being to continue what is working and identify then eliminate what is not.

Private Phone Call Strategy Sessions

Corey is available for private 30-minute or one-hour phone calls by appointment.

Private One-on-One Mentorship with Corey

Corey has been serving as a private educational mentor to clients since 2007 and has worked with over a dozen clients from 7 countries around the world.

He has developed a 25-Lesson Education Program as a result of his own experiences, education, and prior work with clients.

It’s very difficult to know where to get started in your trading journey because there is a myriad of informational sources, seminars, books, websites, and blogs that are all describing “How to Trade Successfully.”

Corey has condensed his years of education through various sources into a beginning, middle, and end that takes you on a structured, step-by-step journey from the Foundations of Technical Analysis to completing your own Trading and Business Plan, integrating what you have learned into specific strategies that are customized to your unique skills, talents, and personality.

Lessons start with Trends, Supply and Demand, Accumulation/Distribution Cycles, Dow Theory, Conceptual Price Principles and then progresses into how to integrate these concepts into High Probability, Low Risk Trade Set-ups with Edge using analysis on multiple timeframes.

Finally, the lessons fully integrate these concepts into a Trading Strategy while discussing current research, Maximizing Trade Execution Tactics, Multiple Timeframe Trading Efficiency, Edge Optimization, Sources of Confirmation/Non-Confirmation, and Intermarket Analysis/Trading Techniques.

Lessons are complete with homework examples to reinforce the concepts and weekend phone calls with Corey use real-time examples of concepts discussed in the weekly lesson plans to give you insights of how the lessons are playing out right now and how you can incorporate these techniques into your trading arsenal immediately.  We monitor these set-ups together to see how the concepts unfold in real-time.

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