Weekly Intermarket

Jun 28, 2009: 7:22 PM CST

The Weekly Inter-market Technical Analysis Report is intended for traders looking to take swing or position trades, or analyze the price structures/important levelsĀ  in the following markets:

10-Year T-Note Yield
US S&P 500
Crude Oil
The US Dollar Index

Knowing the key levels to watch on these markets – even in a general sense – can give you an extra advantage over those who are not using Inter-Market Analysis in their trading and investment decisions.

We take a multi-timeframe approach of each of these important and interrelated markets by taking a ‘technical purism‘ approach as we ‘cascade down’ through timeframes, always beginning at the Monthly Structure, moving down to the Weekly timeframe Structure, and finally analyzing the “next likely swing” by viewing the Daily Price Structure.

We use non-correlated technical strategies such as advanced Fibonacci, Elliott Wave, basic/classic technical analysis, custom indicators to arrive at unbiased and objective conclusions.

Focusing on the “Next Likely Swing,” we highlight critical price areas to watch on each timeframe so you can be aware of what traders and investors on higher timeframes are monitoring for likely support/resistance, trend structure, and short-term trading or investment opportunities.

We start by analyzing the health of the current trend, overlaying an Elliott Wave possible count (with alternates) if applicable, noting key support and resistance using Fibonacci Analysis in conjunction with important moving averages, observing insights from momentum (in terms of divergences or momentum highs/lows), and clues from volume or other sources as needed for a broader perspective on each market.

Each report is roughly 20 pages, which contains a cleanly annotated chart of each market and timeframe with a brief description of current technical structure and opportunities, noting targets, possible zones to enter a stop-loss, and key levels to watch as price moves from each node or zone.

The report is published each Sunday evening which gives you time to review the market in advance of the week ahead from a pure technical perspective.

The report is best used when combined with fundamental analysis for additional insights – this report provides a distinct approach which serves both as a stand-alone service or supplement to active weekend analysis, and is designed to be of benefit to those not deeply familiar with the principles of technical analysis, though it does offer deeper content for those with proficient or advanced charting skills.

In addition, ALL reports are archived (four per month) and sometimes feature educational “Teaching Moments” so as a subscriber, you gain access to this growing database of reports you can use as a reference… or compare past to present to see how our track record is doing with our market calls.

Full Report – Download March 8th, 2010 (2 Megabyte PDF download)

Full Report – Download December 6, 2009 (2 Megabyte download)

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